Food: ‘fo-od’ noun: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth : cans of cat food/baby foods.

Doofus: ‘du-fus’ noun informal: a stupid person

Foodoofus: ‘fo-od-du-fus’  proper noun informal: Defined as an individual who continues to be stupid about food once (or continues in doing so).

We are all guilty of primarily gawking at Food and Drink Porn (high-res macro shots, of the colorful shapes and shades on our plates, trays and/or cups), when trying a new establishment. Is our industry summed up like that in a few words, or is there something more?

You remember those unsatisfactory establishments you and I have been to from time to time. Was it an off day? Did we really waste precious gas and money, to munch on a dry baguette, drink a bad mojito or get the squirts from improperly handled pork ribs?

My philosophy is simple, to provide a forum (or bridge) for those to understand many of these unknown, underdog and/or struggling establishments. From the cooking aspect, down to the business end.

This is their story…


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