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Foodoofus Rating Criteria and The Legend of The Death Taco, Part 1 of 2

Hello everyone, I know most of you are tired of this two-part blogging spree, but I’d like to put out my criteria on judging many of these places. That way for future postings, you will further understand why I would give a place said rating, before sending any criticisms (or haterade messages) for not agreeing … Continue reading

Childhood Dining: The Coffee Mill & Bakery… Starting Point Part 2 of 2

Before I got into the whole food writing thing, I always felt pretty ignorant about food… let alone the standards of good food. What are these standards in the first place? Is it the taste? The most bang for your buck? Constantly I am reminded of an ongoing theme with me and that continues to … Continue reading

Enter The Blogging World… Starting Point Part 1 of 2

Social Media, it only seemed yesterday when Generation Y’ers (circa 1977-1990; aka the kids who grew up on free 500 hour AOL disc recharge, Thundercats underpants and ABC’s TGIF evening line up of shows) were first exposed to the initial forms of social interaction on the internet. My personal gateway into the internet was from … Continue reading

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