Foodoofus rolls up into ExWhyMedia and dives into Podcasting, Season 2 Finale and more! (08/28/17)

What’s up Foodoofus Supporters, it’s been a while!

We’re making moves (and some nice changes)! The first is Foodoofus has remained for the last six years as an independent blog publication. Providing you an in-depth look into the neighborhood pockets you never existed. We have changed our strategy, as well as made some notable changes to improve the experience for our audience. So now, we will be apart of a new group called Ex Why Media.

Currently, I will be one of three hosts of The Relationship Podcast. To check out our pilot episodes and the most recent one up to date by clicking here!

Second, Season 2 of Foodoofus, will be wrapping up (I promise) and we’ll be making changes to the format of content 2018 and beyond.

-RM (Foodoofus)

Foodoofus Website Updates (Email Subscription Contests, Restaurant News and Preview for 2015; 12/6/14)



(Image Courtesy via

Hey Foodoofus Family!

We wanted to bring to light a few issues that certainly raised an eye brow or two:

The Eater released some spicy details regarding a major change in The French Laundry’s reservation system by hosting Tock.

That’s all well in great but… This will certainly definitely bring about a greater inconvenience to many diners (myself included) who already have difficult time in acquiring reservations at the prestigious 3-star destination not to mention, the paid up-front cost may be a bit concerting. However we will see how that plays in the near future, considering they’re also going through major reservations as well

In more local (Bay Area) related news, yesterday’s First Friday’s in Oakland festivities were closed due to rain. Sadly that isn’t the whole truth seeing as I’ve witnessed within the past several days protests regarding the death(s) of Mike Brown and Eric Garner have caused a domino effect in disruption and civil disobedience. Which would explain the more pronounced presence of the Oakland Police Department to ensure the streets are easily navigated post 5pm. We’ll bring more updates, as we hope the celebration of food, beverage, and community will be restored sooner rather than later.

Next point, we wanted to let you know your subscription service is not in vain and to make up for the lack of personalized updates I wanted to present the Foodoofus Holiday Package Giveaway!

I’ll be conducting the contest and receiving entries no later than (12/14/14). That means on 12:00am (11:59, 12/13/14 – Midnight; 12/14/14).

The assortment of treats and special choice of beverage , which many of your zealous foodie friends will clamor for. The Contest is strictly limited to the those living within the Continental U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska is considered, but territories are not considered for now) I’ll be doing an international one in the future, if this successfully takes off so I’ll need everyone’s support on this. Retail value for this package upwards to $100+ for loved ones (21+ older for now, sorry kiddos, 18 and below).

How to Win?

If you’re already subscribed you are automatically entered with 2 entries to win (to show my appreciation as early adopters and supporters to our email subscription offerings). I’ll know who you are with the email list I’ve downloaded as of today. Any duplicate entries (different emails, same person) will be only counted as one (unless specified otherwise).

If you aren’t subscribed, then all you have to do is subscribe to our mailing service (here’s where to find it) for a single entry. In order to get multiple entries, you would need to follow our other channels (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for an additional entry and provide proof via our email (ope that isn’t too difficult for any of you).

If you’ve won contests from us in the past, I’ll have to auto-DQ you simply on the basis of extending this opportunity for others to have a fair chance in winning (sorry but this was a major concern after previous events). So subscribe, share this contest, and get ready to ring in the festivities for the end of 2014 and into 2015!

Lastly, we will finish the trend of fine dining spots by highlighting Bottega, towards of the end of this weekend (at the very latest early next week). And we’ll be back in regular scheduled content, which by frankly highlights an up and coming very humble American joint, that’ll knock your socks off.

Again wanted to extend my Thanks to all those who have stuck with me in this journey so far, as well as those who are anticipating more of the exciting content I’ll be bringing in 2015 including a new travel issue, so get ready!

Always remember, Fortune Favors The Flavor!

Foodoofus recognized as a 2014 Judge of SF Bay Area Restaurants (6/12/14):

Hey Foodoofus Supporters!

We are happy to announce that Foodoofus has been recognized as one of the pioneering judges for the 2014 year of SF Bay Area restaurants by TabeBlog!

For those of you who don’t know what TabeBlog is, it was founded by its parent company in  Tokyo in 2005, the premier restaurant review site in Japan. In 2013, it launched its New York website and it has just recently expanded to the West Coast.

Check out our profile here

Thank you all for supporting us on our journey through the culinary world, we wouldn’t have been able to get this far without your support. Be on the lookout for future articles and events to come; big things are happening this year!


Live Video Q&A with Chef Jody Adams (6/11/14):

Hey Foodoofus family!

On June 17 at Noon EST (9 PST), Wizeo will be hosting an online video Q&A forum with James Beard award winner Jody Adams, owner of the Rialto. She will be sharing her experience in the industry, advice to young chefs, and some of her personal favorite recipes.

Contributions to the chat will benefit Partners in Health, a global health organization. Anyone who contributes ($3 minimum donation) will be granted access to her live chat and will be allowed to post questions prior and during the event.

If you are interested in participating in this chat, click here.

Get it while it is hot! Ramen Burger coming to San Francisco for one day (6/2/14):

Hey Foodoofus Supporters!
Next Saturday June 7th, the creators of the Ramen Burger will be coming to Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival in San Francisco to serve their signature Ramen Burger! In addition to their burger, they will be debuting their own tofu burger as well to commemorate the festival. We have tried their original creation back in December and their version of the Double-Double and are excited to try their new concoction! You will be able to find them popping up in the JapaCurry Truck.

The festival will be taking place in the heart of Japantown and will go from 11am to 5pm. There will be many vendors, entertainment, and a tofu dessert competition that brings those thinking that they have the best tofu recipe to the stage. Be sure to get there early or else miss out on the burger!

For more information, check out the links below:
Northern California Soy and Tofu Festival
Ramen Burger Facebook
Ramen Burger Website

Extra! Extra! Boba coming to a Lab? (5/7/14)

Hey Foodoofus Fans!

Boba Guys Logo
Although we are a little late to the party, here is some news for you boba lovers out there: Boba Guys has started a Kick Starter Campaign to open their second store in June 2014 in the heart of Union Square in San Francisco. Their goal is to raise $30,000 by Wednesday May 14 at 1:39AM PDT to build an exhibition lab in the back of their new store to promote transparency as well as to fund their #FightThePowder & #DoTheRightThing Campaign, focusing on using high quality ingredients instead of cheap powder-based ingredients that most boba places use.

Boba Lab

Boba Lab

The Black Card

The Black Card

With only 7 days left, they still have about $7000 dollars to go. However, if you decide to donate and help back their project, they have incentives such as stickers, shirts, tickets to their VIP launch party, your very own laser engraved recognition tile, and even their very own Boba Guys Black Card. Additionally, they have stretch goals focusing on their vision of Quality, Transparency, and Giving a Damn: bringing over an authentic Taiwanese shave ice machine and building a street-side counter and upgrading their awning.  Founders Andrew Chau and Bin Chen are loyal to their roots, daring to try new things and change the way people think of boba and tea, so if you want to help, follow this link and pledge!

Boba Guys
3491 19th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 967-2622

Dough it Up! Pizzeria Celebrates One Month Anniversary with New Menu Items (4/19/14):

Hey Foodoofus Supporters,


PC: DG-Marketing

Today, Dough Pizzeria & Bar is celebrating their one month anniversary of being open. Located on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Hilldale Avenue, the restaurant features a variety of pizzas by the slice along with gourmet pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and interesting dishes. Of course, they also cater to those seeking gluten-free pizza and pasta as well as salads under their label “No Dough”.

To commemorate their 1st month of being open, they are introducing 6 new menu items. The new dishes are as follows: Roasted Octopus, Beet Salad, Chicken N’ Waffles Pizza, Tagliatelle Carbonara, Pulled Pork Sandwich, and Striped Bass. Be sure to go and check it out before it gets too crowded!

CHICKEN N‘ WAFFLES PIZZA cinnamon toast crunch fried chicken, italian waffle cookies, granny smith apples, maple syrup, white sauce, mixed herbs  17/23

CHICKEN N‘ WAFFLES PIZZA cinnamon toast crunch fried chicken, italian waffle cookies, granny smith apples, maple syrup, white sauce, mixed herbs 17/23

Dough Pizzeria & Bar
8947 Sunset Blvd. (and Hilldale ave)
West Hollywood, CA 90069

(via/PR Release credit; DG-Marketing)

Uptown Oakland’s Taiwanese Noodle Shop Concept Abandoned (4/15/14):

Hey there Foodoofus Fans,

We were strolling around “The Town,” and happen to come across this particular sign on the door:


Sharing the corner space with the likes of: La Bonita Tacqueria, Ike’s Lair, Plum, Suya -African Caribbean Grill and Pandora’s premiere burger hub (Umami Burger). Uptown district’s variety of dining options are sure to entice more out of town folk, especially those from the Tri-city and Peninsula areas (Fremont, Union City, Mountain View and etc.) who host a majority of the Bay Area’s Taiwanese community. They’re currently hiring and originally slated for an early 2014, so we’re wondering what’s taking so long? It turns out as noted already by those of Inside Scoop and many other outlets. Ms. Alison Chen passed away before her dreams can be brought about in fruition. As of April 4, 2014, the family and friends of Ms. Chen wanted some time to mourn, provided refunds for their crowd funding campaigns and abandoned the project completely.

We’re saddened by this and we hope for a peaceful closure for the Chen family and their peers in this troubled time. One can only hope, Alison’s dreams will come to fruition and follow through with the concept at a later time.

Irish Car Bomb? Maybe, maybe not: St. Patrick’s Day Macaron (3/7/14):

Hey Foodoofus Fans,

With St. Patrick’s day right around corner, it isn’t surprising Chantal Guillon has come up with a new flavor for all of you macaron connoisseurs. Let me introduce you to their new flavor: Bailey’s and Chocolate. In honour of St. Patty’s day, they’ve decided to add some good ole Bailey’s Irish Whisky cream to their chocolate ganache center. You must be at least 21 to order these bad boys and is in stores now, so get on it before you miss out!


Chantal Guillon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Let me put a little heart in it: New Valentine’s Day Macaron (2/6/14):

Hey Foodoofus Supporters,

Just dropping by to inform everyone about Chantal Guillon’s limited edition Valentine’s Day flavor: Ispahan. This treat comes filled with lychee and rose ganache and is fitted with a raspberry heart. Get some now and treat your special someone to a sweet treat!


Chantal Guillon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Childhood snacks in macaron form: Chantal Guillon’s new Banana-Chocolate Flavor (1/29/14): 

Howdy Foodoofus Fans!

This just in: Chantal Guillon has introduced Banana-Chocolate flavored macarons into their winter/fall seasonal line up. Of course they have their classic Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Coffee, Almond Amaretto, Green Tea, Passion Fruit, Persian Rose, Tahitian Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Italian Pistachio flavors still, but they have Mango, Hazelnut, Speculos-Raspberry, Lavender-Cassis, and Coconut- Milk Chocolate for their Seasonal Flavors. Be sure to check these out before they are gone!

Additionally, Valentine’s is around the corner and they will soon be releasing their St. Valentin Limited Edition macaron as well as a Caramel Pistachio, so be on the look out for their release!

Chantal Guillon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Get out of the way! Let Me Show you how to make a Real Ramen Burger (12/7/13):

Greetings and Salutations Foodoofus Supporters!

Today, I bring to you the wonderful new that on December 14th, 2013, the original ramen burger by Keizo Shimamoto (not some imitation one made by one who must not be named…) will be making its Northern California debut at the Mitsuwa Market in San Jose (!

700, I say only 700, will be sold starting at 11am until they sell out. There will be a no per person limit, so you can feast on as many as you want, get some for your friends, or save them to indulge upon later. They will be going for $8 so save the date and be ready to taste the truth!

For more info:

Let’s Get Tropical… With some Macarons! (11/13/13):

Wassup Foodoofus Fans,

I know it is nearing Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some exotic elements in our lives! Check out Chantal Guillon’s new seasonal Coconut – Milk Chocolate and Mango flavored macarons. Enjoy a perfect blend of chocolate-y goodness with a touch of coconut flakes or go for the fresh mango flavor. Either way, they should hit the spot!


Chantal Guillon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Commemorate Halloween with new seasonal Pumpkin Macarons (10/24/13):

Hey Foodoofus Supporters,

It’s that time of year for pumpkin flavored delectables! Check out Chantal Guillon’s seasonal Pumpkin Spices Macaron, now in stores and available for a limited time. So get on your phone and call them to pre-order now!


Chantal Guillon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dining with the Dead in the deepest pits of The Cellar (10/14/13):


Hey Foodoofus Fans,

Starting October 14, 2013, The Cellar will be selling tickets to their 8th Annual Trick or Eat Dinner & Show for October 30 and 31 at 6:30pm. Guests will be able to indulge upon a Halloween themed and harvest-inspired menu while zombies and ghouls from the award-winning Maverick Theater rise from the depths of The Cellar.

The four-course menu by executive Chef Brandon Stein will feature “Nightmarish Lamb Belly over a cursed apple, bacon and and frightening fennel chutney, topped with a bloody pomegranate gastrique, and cadaverous Bone-in Short Ribs braised in Porter Ale with poisoned Peruvian purple potato purée, topped with a devilish dark cherry demi.” Be ready for an experience that will be sure to bring surprises and screams to the table.

Tickets costs $59.00 per person and can be found at Following this event on Halloween night, The Cellar will also be hosting its 8th Annual Halloween Costume Party “The Aftermath” at 9pm and will be a 21 and over after party open to the public.


The Cellar
305 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92832

(via/PR Release credit; 714 Media)

Thanksgiving Came Early with Tur-Duck-En and Lamb Belly Stroganoff (10/8/13): 


Wassup Foodoofus Supporters,

As of October 4th, 2013, Hopscotch has introduced their new seasonal menu designed by Chef Cody Storts that features innovative dishes with some adventurous ingredients, such as their take on the Tur-Duck-En (Turkey stuffed with Duck which is stuffed with Chicken) or Lamb Belly Stroganoff. If you are interested in trying something new, hit up Hopscotch!

Lamb Belly Stroganoff P.C. Alan De Herrera

Lamb Belly Stroganoff P.C. Alan De Herrera

Hopscotch (Fullerton)
136 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

(via/PR Release credit; 714 Media)

Hopscotch’s Culinary Team finds the perfect match for their Pastry Chef Position:


PC: Brian Feinzimer

PC: Brian Feinzimer

On September 4th, Hopscotch (in Fullerton, CA) has added to their culinary team Mai Phan. As the new Pastry Chef, she will be bringing her expertise on dessert and baked offerings to the table. Together with Cody Storts, she will be playing a huge role in bringing new, innovative dishes that will perfectly complement Hopscotch’s menu and overall offerings.

On behalf of the Foodoofus staff, we would like to congratulate Mai Phan and the rest of the culinary team at Hopscotch on their newfound union and we wish them the best of luck in the future!

Hopscotch (Fullerton)
136 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

About Mai Phan:

PC: Alan De Herrera

PC: Alan De Herrera

Fullerton, CA (September 4, 2013)— HopScotch, Orange County’s premier destination for crafted American cuisine, craft beer, and whiskey, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mai Phan to the position of Pastry Chef. Working closely with executive chef Cody Storts, Phan will create all of the pastries and seasonal desserts exclusively in-house using local, seasonal fruit and the highest quality ingredients available.

“The passion and wealth of experience Mai brings to the kitchen will truly enhance our dessert and baked offerings,” said HopScotch co-owner Mario Marovic. “Having her talent alongside that of chef Cody Storts will further define the culinary-forward dishes, of which we have become known for.”

Known for her proven ability to create mouth-watering sweet confections, Phan’s appointment will allow the restaurant to significantly expand and evolve its offerings ranging from appetizers to desserts with items such as house-made pretzels to goat’s milk cheesecake with strawberry gelee. In addition to providing a greater selection of seasonal dessert options on a nightly basis, Phan will be responsible for creating featured dessert courses for the restaurant’s monthly pairings, as well as cakes and related baked items for special events.

“We’re thrilled to have Mai on board as part of our culinary team,” said Storts. She and I share a similar passion in making simple, yet inventive dishes, and her playful concepts and creative presentations are a perfect complement to our menu and overall offering.”

A graduate of Orange Coast College’s culinary program, Phan began her career at Sage in Newport Beach in 2001. Since that time, she has made her mark on menus throughout Southern California, most notably as a pastry chef at The Californian at the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana’s Chapter One: The Modern Local.


Housed within Fullerton’s original Pacific Electric Railway Station (a registered California Landmark) in the heart of the city’s historic downtown, HopScotch’s crafted American cuisine is complemented by an extensive beverage selection of crafted cocktails, over 75 craft beers, and over 140 different varieties of whiskey, making it the widest array of whiskey in the county. The interior offers the warmth and charm of an historic tavern, while two patios provide a relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Steps away from Fullerton’s Metrolink station, HopScotch offers ample parking via parking lot or structure.

Located at 136 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832, HopScotch is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:00a.m. to2:00p.m. Brunch is served from 9:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Social Hour is offered from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Private party bookings available by calling 714.871.2222. For more information, visit (via/PR Release credit; 714 Media)

Chantal Guilon at the “Modern Luxury Bridal (8/21/13):

Wassup Foodoofus Supporters,

Are you thinking about planning a wedding? Well, lucky for you, we just received word that this Sunday, August 25th, 2013, Chantal Guilon will be at the “Modern Luxury Bridal Show,” an event dedicated to showcasing the vision, style,and talent of top tier wedding designers.


The event will be from 11am to 4 pm at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. Chantal Guilon will have their very own booth (#218 to be exact) to showcase their macarons and provide information on the services they will provide for your event needs, from amazing displays to macaron customization.

Admission costs $20 (online presale) or $25 at the door. If you want more information, click the flyer and it will redirect you to the event page.

Chantal Guilon (San Francisco)
437 Hayes St,
San Francisco, CA 94102

Internship Opportunities, Hopscotch Inaugural Pairing Dinner and More (7/21/13)

Wassup Foodoofus Supporters,

We’re still looking for interns, so if you know someone who enjoys food and drink as much as I do and is currently in college (or wants to learn additional skills in this field), have them send over their resume.


On July 31st, Hopscotch (in Fullerton, CA; Not to be confused with the one in Oakland) is hosting a brand new Inaugural dinner pairing with newly appointed Chef Cody Storts and Libations Director James Wood collaborating on the event.

Those participating will be treated to an exquisite sampling of their popular delicacies.

Seating is limited and expected to sell out early. Tickets are priced at $85.00 and the Five Course-Dinner is listed here:

Five Course Inaugural Dinner

Chef’s Choice Amuse Bouche

Charcuterie board
Beverage Pairing – Kir Molecule Cocktail with Cremant Blanc and Chambord pearls

Butter poached lobster; Cognac cream dipping dots, smoked garlic confit foam
Drink Pairing – Cocktail “Aged to perfection” including smoked cognac, peach puree and aged balsamic vinegar
and our house cherry vanilla bitters

Beef cheeks with whiskey soaked cherry Demi, English pea and carrot puree
Beverage Pairing – Barrel aged stout

Carmel corn pans cotta, kettle corn dust, dehydrated candied cherry medley
Beverage Pairing – Few Spirits Rye, Chicago;

James E. Pepper 1776

Seating by reservation is your only option. Guests are advised to pre-book calling them well in advance, #:714-871-2222

Hopscotch (Fullerton)
136 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

Fullerton, CA (June 25, 2013) — HopScotch, Orange County’s premier destination for craft beer, whiskey, and crafted American cuisine, is pleased to announce the appointment of Cody Storts to Executive Chef.

 “Cody is one of the most talented chefs I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with,” said co-owner Mario Marovic. “His energy and passion for food is contagious and we couldn’t tailor a more suitable and deserving person for the position.”

Often seen mingling throughout the front of the house, Storts’ personality and passion for a unique and memorable dining experience has already made an impression with regulars and first-time guests alike. 

A graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, Storts has collaborated on successful culinary projects such as The Lime Truck, Wild Goose Tavern, Haven Collective’s Taco Asylum, and has operated successful pop-up restaurant concepts at both Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach Country Music Festival. (via/PR Release credit; 714 Media)

Housed within Fullerton’s original Pacific Electric Railway Station (a registered California Landmark) in the heart of the city’s historic downtown, HopScotch’s culinary American cuisine is complemented by an extensive beverage selection of crafted cocktails, over 75 craft beers, and over 120 different varieties of whiskey, making it the widest array of whiskey in the county. 

The interior offers the warmth and charm of an historic tavern, while two patios . provide a relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Steps away from Fullerton’s Metrolink station, HopScotch offers ample parking via parking lot or structure.  (via/PR Release credit; 714 Media)


The Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Conspiracy and NorCal Food Tour Meet-ups (5/30/13):

Wassup Foodoofus Supporters,

So there are a few things I would like to highlight for today:

1) A little bird told me that Trader Joe’s has begun limiting the supply of their famous Speculoos Cookie Butter. Such news has flown under the radar for quite some time and even a Houston media outlet caught wind of it a month prior to me discovering said fact. Even going through great lengths as to auctioning off these special healthy jars of goodness as a reseller’s paradise. So if you want to add these tasty treats to your apocalypse shelter better stock up while you still can (this especially affects those of us in California, who love this stuff).

2) Foodoofus Food Tours, is in Beta Testing (even though its not a computer application it feels as it were such)!
I’m looking for participants specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, so if you’re interested in getting involved then you can contact me here.

3) One more thing, I forgot to add if you already follow us on Instagram, then why not at least like us on Facebook for more behind the scenes content not posted on any of the pages.

4) A popular cliche’ phrase, “Third Time’s a charm.” So I’m doing a take three on looking for the next set of Intern/Trainee(s). Willing to gain, specialize or possibly become a serious partner (after some work and consideration of course) in the distant future. If you’re somebody who has (or is willing to gain) experience in the following areas:

-Social Media
-Graphic/Web Design*
-Video Editing/Media Production*

*-I definitely would like to hear from you if you have this background and in addition to the aforementioned. Given there are two other micro businesses that I am waiting to unfold if provided enough manpower, funding and knowledge to do so.

Serious applicants only. Please provide your resume and cover letter, otherwise your submission will NOT be taken in consideration. If you have trouble looking for the contact page, click here.

Thanks for reading and always remember, fortune favors the flavor.


Foodoofus Website Updates, Instagram Collabos and New Blog Posts (4/12/13):

Wassup Foodoofus Supporters,

So it may come as a surprise for many folks but I’ve been back on the scene to write up posts, as well as slowly update you on my current status as of this moment. If you haven’t already checked out the new posts, please do so on the front page it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be doing a summary of my short spontaneous trip to SoCal as well as blog reviews from two up and coming restaurants for Chronicle issues. Lastly, the Instagram account has been going strong with the steady stream of food porn so check it out.


More Foodoofus News, Instagram’ing (international) Food Porn, Facebook Photo Dumps and Twitter Updates Galore! (3/7/12):

Wassup Foodoofus Family and Friends!

Continuing on with the Grind I already produced 2 of the 5 update issues as promised (with a special 6th issue being the Special Valentine’s Day in Queue of Production) and our first official Foodoofus Restaurant Review of 2012, is just around the corner within this weekend or next depending on my hectic schedule. Life is constantly getting more topsy-turvy as I’m getting older and lately it’s been a bit difficult to juggle once in a while… However no excuses, I came to deliver… And deliver I shall (just don’t snipe me with the errors on some of the posts =) ). Fixing them in a timely manner is my concern when I’m all caught up).

If you want a more daily (and up to date) injection of interesting food porn snapshots, international shoutouts and iPhone photography. Then follow me on Instagram for more content: (@foodoofus).

Facebook is now more active and I’m beginning to catch up on my photo archives so feel free to peruse.

Lastly, for the usual random thoughts or comedic culinary dialogues, check out some recent interactions on Twitter.


FINALLY! THE Foodoofus Comeback and Back On The Grind Mode (2/13/12):

Wassup everyone (family, friends, followers, supporters and etc.),

I know, I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated this website, due to personal family matters, hospitalization and dealing with every other curveball in life. I’ve finally managed to catch up to where I left off. We will be having multiple blog postings this week and next week, especially with covering 2011’s unfinished Holiday Season (Christmas) Issue, Last Foodoofus Restaurant Issue of 2011, New Year’s 2012 Issue, Another Bay Area Chronicles Issue and of course The infamous Valentine’s Day madness issue which will all be releasing these next two weeks. So come one and all, hopefully I’ll have still have your attention to re-group, re-innovate and restore a lot of progress for this 2012. Fortune Favors The Flavor so Get Ready!

P.S. Mucho apologies to EatStreet (Food Network Canada), prior to my hospitalization it seems the update on WordPress had an error, and was not able to format properly on the NEWS Section to have the reminder for the Food Truck contest. Hopefully all the previous PR refs were enough to be maintained.

Foodoofus x Eat Street Promo (Food Network Canada;North America):

There’s a new contest on the horizon and it has to do with your favorite food trucks in both Canada and The United States. If you want your favorite food truck to win this is how it’s gonna go down!:

-Voting Officially begins at 1pm (PT)/ 4pm (ET)
-Fans can vote once per day
-Fans must register on the contest site ( in order to vote
-Voting ends January 31st., 2012

UPDATE (10:10am; 1/5/2012):

Currently Eat St.’s list of Food Trucks are of the following:

Alfresco Mobilista – South Carolina – @AlfMob

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream – Miami, FL – @aphorodisiacice

Blues City Biscuits  – Portland, OR – @BCBiscuits

Bill’s Hotdogs – San Jose, CA – Bill’s Hotdogs Facebook

Bernie’s Burger Bus – Houston, TX- @BerniesBurgers

Chef Johnson’s Johnson – Westchester, NY – @johnsontruck

Chunk n Chip – all over California – @chunknchip

Colibri Cuisine – Austin, TX – @ColibriCuisine

Create Burger – El Paso, TX – @CreateGoEats

Dogellos – Austin, TX – @DOGellos

Go Fish Food Truck from Brother Trucker – Boston, MA – @BrotherTrucker

Dusty Buns Bistro – Central Valley, CA – @dustybunsbistro

Hail Caesar – Atlanta, GA – @CaesarTruck

Gorilla Cheese – Hamilton, ONT, Canada – @Gorilla_Cheese

Gourmet Rockstars -Palo Alto, CA – @GourmetRockstar

Guanaco – Vancouver, BC, Canada – @guanacotruck

Hello My Name is BBQ – Charleston, SC – @hellobbq

Westcott Country Kitchen – Didsbury, AB, Canada – Facebook Page

Ruthie’s Rolling Café – Dallas, TX – @Ruthiesrolling

Memphis Munchies – Memphis, TN – @Memphismunchies

Momogoose – Boston, MA – @Momogoose

Oz Patisserie – Albuquerque, NM – @ozpatisserie

Papas Tapas MIA – Miami, FL – @PapasTapasMIA

Fat Boys House of BBQ – Bethlehem, PA – @fbhouseofbbq

Messy Giuseppe – St. Paul, MN – @MessyGTruck

Red Jett Sweets – Fort Worth, TX – @redjettsweetsFW

Red Oven Pizza – Carlsbad, CA – @RedOvenPizza

Smitten Ice Cream – San Francisco, CA – @Smittenicecream

Soho Road – Vancouver, BC, Canada – @SohoRoad

Soho Taco – Orange Country, CA – @SOHOTACO

The Bacon Wagon – Dallas, Fort Worth, TX – @baconwagon

Wing Xpress – Houston, TX – @WingXpress

Bacon Bacon – San Francisco, CA – @baconbaconsf

Twirlees- Chatham, ON, Canada- @twirlees

Way South Philly – Austin, TX – @waysouthphilly

Streat Food – Ferndale, WA – @streatfood

Hot Diggity Dog – Erieau Beach, ON, Canada

The Cinnamon Snail – Hoboken, NJ – @veganlunchtruck

El Diablo Tacos – Brooklyn, NY – @eldiablotacos

Wandering Bean – Toronto, ON, Canada

Chef Shack – Mpls./St.Paul, MN – @chefshack1

Luncha Libre – Phoenix, AZ – @LunchaLibre

So-Cal Tacos – Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas – @socaltacos

Puerto Vallarta Amigos – Victoria, BC, Canada – @pvamigos

Mama Marci’s – Hoboken, New Jersey – @mammamarci

Sweiner’s Swiss style hot dogs – San Diego, CA  – @sweinersswiss

49er Kitchen – El Paso, TX

Eat Jo Dawgs – Dallas, FW, TX – @eatjodawgs

Guapos Tacos – Philadelphia – @guapostacos

Mad dog Underground Cafe – Texas

Nammi Truck – Dallas, FW, TX – @nammitruck

Crepe Nation, LLC – San Antonio, TX – @crepenationllc

Rickshaw Stop – San Antonio, TX – @rickshawstopsa

Foodoofus x Gamestop x TapaBoyLA = Bits and Bites #3: Modern Warfare 3:Midnight Release Event! (11/7-11/8/11) starting @ 9:00pm

Although it’s pretty recent like I’ve mentioned in the last post, third time is a charm. Coincidentally, none other than the highly acclaimed Call of Duty franchise is releasing the third game in the trilogy of this popular First Person Shooter (FPS) series entitled: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

UPDATE: We even got one of the OGs in the Filipino food truck game to definitely drop some bomb Manila flavors in the building. TapaBoyLA, so get that appetite going and support them to the fullest that way we can continue this event series.

MAJOR UPDATE EDIT: 11/7/11 (2:40pm PST):

We are changing the eligibility, for this contest due to our current circumstances with this event. So not only are we raffling off one copy…but THREE BRAND NEW COPIES (for your choice of console of course). So in order to increase your chances to win (by having additional raffle tickets in the pot) we strongly urge you to support and purchase food from TapaBoyLA. Especially for giving us the opportunity of bringing The Food Truck to you guys (the attendees, supporters and gamers) for this midnight release.

GameStop Cerritos Towne Center:
17550 Bloomfield Ave.
Ste F.
Cerritos, CA 90703


Foodoofus UPDATES! (10/27/11):

Wassup everyone,

Well, we’ve got plenty to update with you. First, I would like to apologize to those who have been avidly following our weekly postings. To make up for it, this week’s a different story. Already in the works, just keep those eyes peeled for it.

Second, we just upgraded our mobile game and now I’m on Instagram so follow me @syclick71 for some Instagram fun and bonus images on the go.

Third over the next couple of days there will be an overhaul of bonus images on our Facebook Fan Page so definitely check that out when you have the time. If there’s anything you like to see or share, feel free to comment, tweet or email us and if we pick your spot perhaps, you can join us for a future issue.

Saving the best for last, autumn is in the air and as winter is just around the corner, this means cold weather and seasons greetings for a short trek to NorCal. Stay tuned to possibly some special issues, we’ll be doing in the coming weeks.


Foodoofus x Gamestop = Bits and Bites #2: Battlefield Midnight Release Event! (10/24-10/25/11)

Wassup everyone,

We’re at it again collaborating with our local Gamestop, we’ll be giving you the edge in joining the frey for Battlefield 3, which is going to be released exactly one week from now. Another special treat for those attending this event of Bits and Bites is an actual Battlefield Prize Pack. Want to win it? Here’s how*:

1) Subscribe to (click on the subscribe button and provide your first and last name)
2) Follow us on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook
3) Find me (Foodoofus) and Chris (our Asian Rocker/Skater/Barista/Marketing Extraordinaire) and let us know you did. Then we’ll have our personal raffle, come midnight and announce the winners morning of the 25th.

*If you’re already subscribed and are already following our Social Media Outlets you are automatically entered (you’ll have more chances to win if you did all three). All you need to do is show up and complete step 3 and join in on the festivities.

That’s it and you’ll be eligible for our prize pack. So swing by to the Bits and Bites event (10/24/11) starting at 9pm. Food Truck participation will be announced soon.

GameStop Cerritos Towne Center:
17550 Bloomfield Ave.
Ste F.
Cerritos, CA 90703


NYC Trip Closure and Double Issue For This Week (10/10/11):

It’s been quite a week touring around the big apple, so many things I’ve seen, tasted and done. Now it’s time for it all to come to a close and return to the Left Coast, as the Doorman in this apartment complex has told me. Within these next upcoming days check out our Facebook, Twitter and of course this page for the bounty of places, content and destinations I’ve uncovered on my first and hopefully many more treks along this part of the East Coast.


Foodoofus Road To NYC Series Mini-Contest (9/26/11):

This week, we’ll have one more double issue in store. Checking out pizza, hot dogs and maybe one more place (if we can fit it into our schedule). Just in time for my first ever trip to the other Food Filled Coast and Destination (New York City). If you have any suggestions of Underrated Pizza and Hot Dog spots within LA County or Orange County, list them in our comment sections on this News page, Twitter or Facebook. If we pick yours, you might get a nice surprise. The deadline for this contest will end, this Wednesday 9/28 at 6pm.


Foodoofus x GameStop x Truck Norris; Gears of War 3: Midnight Release Event! (Bits and Bites Debut) (9/19/11)

Do you guys love video games?
Especially Third Person Shooters on the X-Box?
What about some midnight snack munching?
Come hang out with us along with the rest of the people excited for the Gears of War 3 Midnight release @

GameStop Cerritos Towne Center:
17550 Bloomfield Ave.
Ste F.
Cerritos, CA 90703

Starts at 9:30pm – Midnight. First new Follower (on Twitter, Facebook and Subscribes to the website) and takes a picture with the Foodoofus staff (WinChris and I) gets a special prize. See you there!


Announcing The OC Foodie Fest 2011 Ticket Giveaway Winners and More! (8/24/11)

Here was our first ever live podcast.

After getting our mini raffle on:

The winners of our first ever OCFoodieFest x Foodoofus Giveaway are:


We will be emailing you tonight, for details as to picking up your prizes. Thanks to all the participants, subscribers and we hope you continue supporting us. There will be contests, food tours and more to look forward to in the future.  I’ll be signing off and working on this friday’s edition of Foodoofus. Have a great evening everyone!


OC Foodie Fest 2011 Contest Giveaway! (8/22/11)

Finally after some talks and follow ups thanks to the staff of OCFoodieFest 2011, we finally got the green light for our first ever Foodoofus x OCFoodieFest contest giveaway!  We will be providing early entry tickets to the premises (10am instead of the 12pm, public opening). So you get a chance to be first in line for the following featurese of this year’s festival:

  • Access to 150 gourmet food trucks and restaurants, including several celebrity chefs and food trucks that are featured on The Food Network
  • Entertainment from Local Orange County Bands and DJ Performances
  • Local Shopping and Art Vendors
  • Kid’s Entertainment Area
  • Car Show
  • Bud Light Beer and Wine Garden
  • Angels Skill Camp
  • Eating Contests and Prizes

For a chance to win, please do the following: Subscribe on the home page (and submit your first and last name) to our email. If you’re having difficulty subscribing as alternative, please read and comment on any of the weekly establishment entries. The winners of this contest will be provided on Wednesday. Thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you all there!


OC Foodie Fest 2011 News (8/10/11):

Compared to the debut year of OC Foodie Fest, they have made some big changes while working hard to make this year’s event even bigger and more successful. With over 150 restaurants/ gourmet food trucks (tripling last year’s number) catering to all of your foodie needs, giving you more of a reason to come out.

Although it was unfortunate I did not attend last year’s festivities. I am appreciative of helping cover the PR for this year along with many others. If you haven’t already checked out what’s in store click here to get more details and stay tuned to the blog for many more surprises to come.

Foodoofus Blog Updates 8/11/11:

Wassup everyone, to get you all up to date. We’re in phase 2 of development and I’ve been experimenting the customization options of the website, as well as reconstruction of our CSS. As usual, please excuse our dust with the constant changes on the blog. While our regular scheduled Foodoofus Friday postings will remain constant during this time.

Next up, if you haven’t already checked it out: My Original Dim Sum Tour, will be coming to a close this Saturday. Thanks to all who RSVP’d and joined us for the last three events it was pleasure joining you all for Dim Sum. However Orange County folks, will be in a treat for the new format I will be providing in the near future.

Secondly, we will be having a policy section developed, due to recent actions of those taking the “troll route” (various forms of harassment/defamation without justification and (with/without) internet anonymity). Therefore, future events will be posted on a special private invite only list. To get onto this list, subscribe or post your email (providing legal first and last name) in the comment’s section for consideration. More updates to be provided.

If you haven’t already done so, subscribe and comment on the blog and all the other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Tumblr). Thanks and have a great week!



4 thoughts on “News

  1. I would love to win some tickets to OC Foodie Fest for my friend’s birthday! It may be a deal-breaker between that or a fancy restaurant. I personally would rather go with Foodie Fest (: Thank you Foodoofus!

    Posted by Richard Kuo | August 23, 2011, 7:38 am
    • Hello Richard!

      Glad you decided to check out our website and participate in our OCFoodieFest2011 ticket contest giveaway. Please make sure you have submitted your first and last name to our email address, as well as subscribing to our page. Thanks again for your enthusiasm, feedback and good luck!

      Posted by Foodoofus | August 24, 2011, 1:07 am
  2. I subscribed to your page but I’m not too sure if my first and last name was entered right? Can you let me know if I did it right or not…….thanks

    Posted by Mandy Alvarado | August 24, 2011, 4:57 pm
    • Thank you Mandy for participating in our contest. Your entry was definitely considered at the time of the contest however we have already picked our winners. Hopefully you will participate in future contests and keeping an eye out on new updates every Friday.

      Posted by Foodoofus | August 26, 2011, 11:13 am

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