There’s Foodies, Yelpers, Bloggers and then there’s you…

  • We get it you know about the top 20 favorite spots in your area but you want to know more than the “restaurant hype”.
  • You don’t have a culinary background but Top Chef, Chopped and Iron Chef seem to be on your Youtube/Hulu Playlists on a regular basis. You aren’t comfortable in communicating (both online and IRL) so you want to work on those skills and then some.
  • Lastly, you’re a hard worker and you want to be apart of something bigger instead of being another spoke on the corporate or creative wheel.

If all of the following apply to you then read on:

Food Journalist Intern (PR/Research Intern)

Job Description

We are an independent food blog publication seeking a PR/Research Intern with a strong research and writing background to join our San Francisco Bay Area team. There is a possibility that your role may expand depending on your dedication and willingness to learn more about this business.


  • Writing Press Releases, fact sheets and creative pitch articles
  • Management of Editorial News Column and Social Media Outlets
  • Research and development on existing clients as well as on new prospects within traditional media and social media
  • Executing certain tactical elements in ad-hoc
  • Creation and Maintenance of Database Management

Desired Skills & Experiences
The ideal candidate will be on track to acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in the following years (2013-2014), preferably junior standing or above, with a GPA of at least 3.0. (or equivalent Work Experience) in a related field along with knowledge, experience and abilities listed here:

  •   Must Possess Strong Work Ethic, Time Management, Communication Skills (both in person and via-3rd party sources such as email and skype), Initiative and Positive Attitude
  •  Comfortable with Microsoft Office (specifically strong with Word and Excel)

*Will also take new college graduates experienced and other exemptions depending on experience and willingness to participate in the role

A Big Plus if…

  • Familiar with Content Management System (CMS) Blogging Platforms (eg: WordPress, Blogger)
  • Basic to Advance Photography/Videography (potential for business opportunities post-internship)*
  • Experienced (or Mastery) in Adobe Creative Suite 4 and above (specifically Photoshop)*
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Social Media Savvy (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is your middle name at any given time)
  • Comfortable with Creation or Maintenance of Database Management
  • Not afraid to work outside your comfort zone or propose innovative ideas

-Flexible Schedule* (will provide further detail upon offer of internship)
-Networking Opportunities
-Learn Skills related to Entrepreneurship, Social Media/PR and Marketing
-Letter of Recommendation (upon successful completion of the internship)
-Additional Business Opportunities* (Dependent upon completion and overall performance of internship role

Food Stylist Intern (Graphic/Web Design Intern)

Job Description
Do you like food? Are your friends envious of you whenever you post pictures of food? Do you like to code and want to put your skills to good use? Are you interested in being a part of a team that is going to change the way people look at food? Well look no further!

An independent blog publication seeking a Web Designer with a stable foundation of coding to join our San Francisco Bay Area team. This isn’t your ‘atypical’ internship because you have a chance to make a difference and actually contribute your value to the organization as early as day one. Upon completion of the internship, you can either join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies, become your own boss or make a bigger impact by joining our team and sharing the knowledge with future interns to strengthen the pillars of our program.

 Revamp of website layout and general branding lifecycle per demand of management
 Development of Front-End UI Interface with pleasing aesthetics and acute functionality
 Ensure high attention to detail via content curation through various print and online media outlets
 Maintenance and Creation of Marketing Collateral Material and Infographics
 Assist in Ad-Hoc Reports and A/B Testing per business demand

Desired Skills & Experiences
The ideal candidate will be on track to acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in the following years (2013-2014) with a preferred GPA of at least 3.0. (or equivalent Work Experience) in a related field along with knowledge, experience and abilities listed here:
 Must Possess Strong Work Ethic, Time (and Project) Management, Initiative and Positive Attitude
 Experienced in working with Adobe Creative Suite (5 or later) or comfortable with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign)
 Comfortable utilizing HTML/CSS and development of Marketing Collateral Materials
 Understanding the purpose of Vector Graphics, Website Layouts and Typography
 Assist in Ad-Hoc Reports and A/B Testing per business demand

A Big Plus if you have. . .

o Complete Understanding in Branding Lifecycle Development
o Willingness to learn new things beyond your role
o Basic (or Advance) Photography/Videography skills
o Experience with PHP and E-Commerce implementation
o Social Media Savant: Knowing the difference of effectiveness between Facebook vs. Instagram
o Potential (or Organic) Aptitude in ‘Growth Hacking’.

-Flexible Schedule (will provide further details upon offer of internship)
-Networking Opportunities*
-Development of Skills within Entrepreneurship, Social Media/PR, Marketing, Various Software Apps (MS Office, WordPress, Hootsuite and more).
-Letter of Recommendation*
-Additional Opportunities*

*-Dependent upon overall evaluation of performance and successful completion of internship role

If interested, please send a resume/cover letter and a link to your art/design portfolio (if applicable) to this Email.

San Francisco Bay Area Candidates Only
We will consider taking on recent grads (or experienced-post grads) for both roles, however the UNPAID internship terms will remain. If you’re currently employed and willing to be apart of our team. We will compromise with your work schedule to ensure full cooperation within the program.
There are many opportunities to expand this business however we’re ONLY looking for serious talent, whether its potential college prodigies or seasoned professional veterans looking to make a change in their career and livelihood.


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