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Foodoofus Bits and Bites Series #2: GameStop x Obstacles (No Food Truck Appearance)

“Regardless of the situation, you’re making excuses right now, come hell or highwater…”

What The Fuck? Was the first thing, I thought to myself. Especially when I understood that we didn’t have any food trucks to come through for the Battlefield Midnight Release event for this 2nd Bits and Bites event. I felt pretty embarrassed and it led me to think up today’s theme… failure and disappointment.

When I first hopped on the idea of making something like this happen, it didn’t really cross my mind initially to actually jump on the bandwagon. However when I became somewhat disappointed after seeing the results of this recent event, I started doubting myself in the success of the next one.

While it may seem like an exaggeration all the last-minute preparation was a logistical nightmare. It was as though beggar asking someone (anyone) for one more dollar, just so they can get treated for a broken arm at a nearby Urgent Care (or Hospital for that matter) and yet nobody was willing to give it up. Everyone was too preoccupied with their own shit and nobody had the compassion to pay it forward and simply do it for charity. Yet, they had every right to do so because as crazy as this sounds… it is business after all and I couldn’t do it alone at the time. What I really needed was a partner.

This isn’t the first time, people in my life have disappointed me and it certainly isn’t the last, especially just before coming to terms with failure. Earlier in the year before starting this website, there were many others I encountered with the same initial passion (and optimism), which then turned into disappointment and ultimately leading into failure of execution.

“Sorry I couldn’t get back to you, I was going through a lot of shit at that time…”

“If you cannot accommodate with my hours then I’ll simply have to pass on your opportunities.”

“I need a business plan and without it there’s no way of moving forward man, sorry that’s just the way it is…. You need a business plan.”

All these quotes invariably, depict a lack of an open mindedness. Blindsided and full of flawed logic (at least what I believed in at the time). Treating ourselves with this emotional Neosporin (it isn’t my fault things happened the way they did, rather everyone else fucked up and that’s why I ended (or don’t want to end) up with this bullshit).

Otherwise, they’ll go ghost, not call you back or do both. The truth of the matter is, instead of blaming them maybe I shouldn’t have invested so much faith in their capabilities or expectations. Keeping this in mind, I have no one else to blame but myself.

At this point, I don’t really expect an apology, sincere welcome back or even a second chance at rebuilding certain aspects (if any) of these relationships. Hell, I even fucked up and didn’t post anything last week due to my negligence. Doesn’t mean we can’t make things right by working through and resolving our issues. We’re human beings, we’re imperfect, we move on after getting Shit Out of Luck (S.O..L.). I have a bit more unfinished business that’s for sure, afterwards I’ll be moving forward. Anyone can have haters, criticizing harshly (with or without reason) when they fuck up the most, the one’s I do listen to are coincidentally…my biggest supporters.

Some of them say I lost an edge or is “lacking” a certain tenacity in my writing style. Today that isn’t the case, I’ve probably dropped more explicit language faster than my nephew Tyler (not The Creator) could text (or tweet)  “Gulf Wang T-Rex chomping hoez all day #Swag.” I mean how much deeper can one get (unless you’re Plato), before people start to get bored or dribbling on diatribes like nobody’s business.

Regardless of the outcome, this is truly how I felt after dealing with such a frustrating turn of events. That’s life and people sometimes don’t know how to express their frustrations, making them turn to what they love most and go hard as a motherfucker (H.A.M.) at least that’s what Kanye and Jay-Z says these days.

Enough with the ranting, here was my Plan B for this week’s event:

The Line From The Front

Line From The Middle

Line From The Back

All For This Game... Battlefield 3

For starters I gave out some Chipotle Gift Cards to some new and lucky subscribers:

Elias B and Jet P. the winners of the 3 Chipotle Card Giveaway (Jet was Lucky and snagged 2 of the 3)

A lot of Battlefield 3 and GameStop Swag was given out, such as posters, a remote control car and even a Battlefield 3 display stand (not pictured). However the grand prize as always is a Battlefield 3 Prize Pack consisted of: Two Chipotle Gift Cards, A Brand New Copy of Battlefield 2 (for their respective console of choice) and a $30.00 Gift Card courtesy of GameStop awarded to:

Nacho and his Son for Participating in the Bits and Bites Grand Prize Raffle Giveaway

However due to our Food Truck Fiasco, local Chef David Joo of Genkiyaki in a last-ditch effort managed to recover the fumble by creating an exclusive meal deal for those who were hungry and hyped attendees of our Bits and Bites event. Again, I would like to thank the local GameStop of Cerritos Town Center, and Genkiyaki for their contributions. Second, apologize to all the attendees for the lack of food trucks this time and we’ll make sure, to get them rolling out for the next one (third time’s a charm).  Lastly, a big thanks to the readers/followers for constantly supporting this website.

In a couple of weeks, Modern Warfare 3 will be releasing for all consoles. Which means another round of Bits and Bites will definitely go down and we’re doing everything we can to take care of our logistics ahead of time, cheers.

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