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Prologue To A New Series: Sustainability and The Doofus


So… It’s been a long time and after doing some thorough research. I’d like to take the time and give you a bit of insight as to some new topics of discussion I’d like to open up.

This revelation came to me after the following search queries of youtube surfing went down:

Joe Rogan x Les Stroud x Bigfoot via Podcast (1*)–> Ant Death Spiral (2*)–> Planet Ant: Inside an Ant Colony x BBC (3*) –> This Article

As I was diving deeper into the internet rabbit hole. The fascination of ant colony development is quite similar to the micromanagement we routinely deal with in our American society (believe it or not).

One of the entomologists brought up an interesting point when it came down to how much Ants had to deal with landfills, dead corpses and to further digress how they managed to live a sustainable and efficient lifestyle even within their strict confines. Their lifestyle increases environmental diversity through the foundation of the forest biology perspective.

We on the other hand do the polar opposite and continue to exponentially increase our mass consumption/production ratio even within the past decade. The key point of sustainability struck a nerve inside of me,  paving a new approach in my writing and the topics I wish to raise awareness from.

For those of you already familiar with the popular quarterly foodie publication Lucky Peach (*4)recently went into a discussion in its Winter 2013 issue with an interview article by Michael Pollan x Rachel Khong entitled “The End Of The World As We Know It.”

The Summary of the article went like this:

Primal Cooking, Cooking For Family–> Cooking For Convenience/Freedom –> Re(Pro)gressing into Cooking For Family w/ Focus on Organic and Sustainable ingredients.

Al Gore’s voice (*5) in global warming should serve as a wake up call for scientists within industrial energy companies in providing some form of sustainable/alternative energy sources. Giant companies like McDonalds, Burger King and even Walmart (offering savings on daily staples like milk), should highly consider using the leverage in their respective markets to focus on mass sustainability.

Yeah you heard right… MASS SUSTAINABILITY.
(Massachusetts is the most popular state to push for this type of business model via Google Search Queries) (6*)

A phrase I thought I would never care about, until the idea hit close to home.

In N Out did it with their American Burger Model. Chipotle did it with their twist on Mexican-American tastebuds. So, what’s next on the market, Sustainable Sushi Bar (I wish)?

According to Moore’s law if technology is able to exponentially advance then our efforts to manage proper waste flow in a retail or perishable (packaging) environment through sustainable focus must remain intact. There is no excuses for it and if the corporate business model must back track their financial model figures, to fit this variable in the equation then so be it.

Otherwise we will follow suit in the same meltdowns we have accrued in the past:

Many Home Loans To Buy A House –> No Stable Loan Rates or Assistance –> Economic Downturn (Giant Recession/Borderline Depression)

Many Student Loans For University Studies–> Mass Amounts of Unregulated High Interest Rate Loans –> No Assistance or Forgiveness–>Student Loan Debt Skyrocketing (still ongoing)

Basic Food and Beverage Needs–> Alternative Cooking: Perishable Goods and Fast Food Alternatives –> Few choices for Sustainability and Healthy Living assistance –> Our Future???

Monsanto is Sustainable (7*) by today’s standards, should we feel relieved or prepare for the worst? Share your thoughts.

Author’s Footnotes (Sources):
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7* ( via, Monsanto Wins The World Food Prize

– (all indirect reference hyperlink form references are specific general overview knowledge (wikipedia) of the topic or businesses (eg: McDonald’s) and cannot be claimed as statistical fact or reliable sources, until proven otherwise).

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