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Too Posh for Posch Restaurant?

Lunch, what will we ever do without you?

The midday activity, any individual from whatever background looks forward to. Majority of the time, it consists of food, drinks and complaints up the wazoo.

Dreading that company evaluation? Better get a pint of your favorite beer, to calm your nerves.

What about that lunchbox sandwich your girlfriend packed for you, while sitting atop a steel beam suspended thousands of feet off the air? Enjoy it, because this project (especially if you’re in Dubai) is going to be nowhere near completion.

For this particular week, Anne M. (OC Weekly Writer) and I check out the newly remodeled and resurrected establishment Posch Restaurant in Irvine, California. Originally, this was the highly acclaimed iLounge, where the UC Irvine populous and House music enthusiasts came together every Thursday. Sadly, the business model didn’t work as expected and was forced to close its doors until Posch came into the picture.

A business lunch was in order, and while I was discussing future plans with the website, we decided to see what this place is all about and order up some dishes:

Interior Decor

It’s clean and modern, standard Orange County decor. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel too pretentious as one would expect. The chairs were quite comfortable and the display of dinnerware remained pristine.


Honey Dijon Shrimp

Hunger takes us by the fangs and Anne couldn’t help herself. I could have done without the long grain rice, but I’m Asian so of course I obliged myself to a couple of spoonfuls. The shrimp had a nice sweet and tangy texture (not too bitter) considering it was Dijon flavored.

Teriyaki Skirt Steak

Just like the Shrimp, the rice I could do without. The skewered skirt steak encircled the pile of rice like an Asian Stonehenge with a leafy center of sauteed spinach. Sweet, tangy and slightly oily goodness. According to Anne, the original order was for medium but came out medium well, still tasty just a bit on the chewy side.

Fettuccine Alfredo and Blackened Chicken

My beloved Fettuccine Alfredo. Bittersweet memories reemerge once more, considering this is the first dish someone who I was once intimate with cooked for me. This particular version has a harmony of the same standard ingredients (slightly heavy on the pepper and slightly dry chicken), it was still tasty.

After our meal and concluding the “business” aspect of our lunch, it made me realize how little we “Stop and smell the roses.”- Foodoofus

We’re so distracted with our everyday lives that we forget about the amount of blessings we have at our disposal. This includes the hard work, sweat and soul much of the restaurant/hospitality industry puts out on a regular basis; with or without a gracious tip. Is it really difficult to bridge a form of compromise between one another? While I continue musing such thoughts, I only came up with one solution…

The road is long and I don’t know what to expect and where I’ll go…but I’ll ride this out to the very end.

Posch Restaurant
18912 Macarthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612
#: (949) 833-1900

Posch Restaurant & Cocktails on Urbanspoon

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