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“Thai”ing up loose ends, Khun Dom Restaurant

It’s been a while… a long while.

You remember the last time you ever felt something special between you and someone you dated? A couple of dates (or hours depending on the amplification of attraction) and somehow things get hot and heavy. Shirts, shoes, heels and finally undergarments are left and just when you’re about to score… you forgot the contraceptives.

Alright so maybe today’s feature isn’t as vulgar as one would suggest. If anything, Khun Dom (pronounced koon-dom) Restaurant in Long Beach, California (developed five years ago) caters to a more family oriented atmosphere. Within the epicenter of Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese families in the surrounding area, the neon sign’s inviting glow was difficult to pass up.

Apparently, LA Weekly beat us to the punch (by 3 years) on highlighting this place, so let’s consider this a more updated visit:

Walking inside, the hostess escorted Chris and I to the seating area, and after a good 15 minutes, we ordered the following:

Thai Ice Tea

Simply sensible in sweetness and portion.

Pad Thai

Savory, sweet and filling all in one. The noodles weren’t too al dente, carrots had a nice crunch and the bean sprout to noodle ratio were equal in portion. While the shrimp played the background role, the flavors were harmonious and nothing was bland.

Thai Boat Noodles

My first ever encounter with Thai Boat Noodles. Cousins with Pho (Classic Vietnamese noodle soup). Not pictured was this small condiment plate, which had this blend of sweet, sour, ginger, and garlic oil that you dump into this bowl of hearty goodness. After splitting the portions between one another, the bowls contained a hearty chunk of beef, tripe, and fish balls, all swimming in a tangy moat of green onion, watercress, and beef stock. My personal favorite of the entire meal.


As if the last dish wasn’t enough to smack us around with flavor. This quasi-sounding comic book sound effect came to life the moment it was placed on the table and sat in my mouth. Now, I’m an avid Omnivore (90% animal and 10% greens) and never have I seen a meat dish take the background role of this culinary relationship. The sweet peppers, mint, and chili all sliced through my palatable senses. Whereas the meat, well was somewhat empty in flavor and soul (Shang Tsung are you secretly turning me Vegetarian?).

For those who are curious of the wallet damage and aftermath of our experience…

The Aftermath

Wallet Damage Depicted Here

I begin to ponder…

Is this what Thai food is all about? Transferring your Omnivorous (majority carnivorous) desires and transforming them into spicy vegetarian fantasies? – Foodoofus

After we paid for our meal and thanked Marissa for her hospitality, we were curious as to what made Khun Dom Restaurant different from the rest and she stated:

The type of ingredients, we get imported directly from Thailand for certain dishes like Penang Curry or Yellow Curry… -Marissa; Hostess of Khun Dom Restaurant

Fairly cluttered and somewhat messy bathrooms, confined booth seating, delicious food and welcoming customer service. A majority of restaurants do not have the luxury to afford high end restaurant decor (and/or dining products), spherification equipment (Syringes used to make custom droplets of make-shift caviar) and the ubiquitous approval of food porn hubs (ie: Food Network or Travel Channel). However, it’s the extra 10% (beyond the 100% norm of effort) that makes or breaks many of these restaurants.  For that reason alone, it’s sad to see the lack of patronage many of these restaurants have received in recent years, causing them to struggle, and in some cases, eventually abandon ship.

If they’re not up to par… perhaps constructive criticism (rather than lashing out on Yelp, or your own food blog; Caps Lock enabled with/without a swift sardonic tongue) might be more helpful. It’s definitely a lesson I’ve learned and a newfound responsibility I must uphold as a restaurant journalist.

So… the next time you aren’t so lucky in the heat of the moment with the opposite sex, perhaps you should consider visiting Khun Dom to enjoy good Thai food and laugh off the entire experience with (or without) good company.

Khun Dom Restaurant
1990 Pacific Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90806
#: (562)-599-2801

Khun Dom Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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4 thoughts on ““Thai”ing up loose ends, Khun Dom Restaurant

  1. Dude boat noodle is one of the best things in the world. That blood based soup is the best.

    Posted by Jonas Tsai | August 26, 2011, 12:44 pm
  2. Can’t believe you didn’t finish the bowl of Thai Boat Noodles. Disappointed in you.

    Posted by leespeed2001 | August 26, 2011, 10:28 pm

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