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Foodoofus Special Issue: Christmas Edition 2011

Before we move forward with the current happenings in 2012 for Foodoofus, let’s take a few steps back shall we?

“Can you watch your grandparents, while I drop off some gifts? It will only take an hour or two and then you can do whatever you need to do.” *

Yeah it took a lot longer than that… hell of a lot longer. Anyway, what food site wouldn’t be complete then to recap the Holiday Season. Whether it’s Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas everyone’s got a reason to celebrate this time of year. For myself, it’s one of the first years I didn’t really do anything for Christmas. When I was younger, our (now old) house was definitely more festive in its yester-years. Everyone from my uncle’s immediate family to my distant cousins standing around our faux-fireplace (a gas heater). Eating from old porcelain plates that contain a variety of my mom’s simple but modern interpretations of Filipino and American cuisine.

However now that we’re much older and many of my cousins already have their own kids and respective families (newly formed in-laws to acquaint with) we rarely have those yule tide greetings illustrated by those of the Hallmark Corporation. Thankfully it didn’t stop my mom and the rest of us from having a feast of our own especially with her beloved parents. So let me end my narrative for now and let the pictures speak for themselves in the process…

Nilaga Soup (Filipino Standard Steam Vegetables and Beef Chuck, sorry the plating seems off I was eating a chuck before taking this shot)

Mother's Diabetes-Free (Filipino Leche Flan)

Full Spread for Christmas Dinner w/ the Family

At my mom’s place we had a modest spread most Filipino-American families would serve around dinner time: Palabok, Lumpia (Shanghai and Vegetarian), Ube Cake and Leche Flan. However didn’t leave out some american classics (My mom’s recipes of Honey Glazed Ham and fried chicken). While other relatives and loved ones served the following:

A bowl full of Crab Legs provided by my Uncle (Dirty Smoke Dru would approve)

My Auntie's Vegetarian California Rolls

Another Uncle's Hearty Platter of Thai Curry Chicken


Regardless of your background whether you’re white, black or yellow. Christmas like any holiday should be considered a blessing to spend with anyone you consider near and dear to your heart. Especially since life is very unexpected and things can happen at any moment. I truly miss those times we got to spend as a family together and I wish we did it more often. Hopefully when I’m a bit more settled in life maybe I’ll consider going back to a place I used to call home. Maybe a homecoming for good would be in order, just not too soon…

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3 thoughts on “Foodoofus Special Issue: Christmas Edition 2011

  1. Growing up in a Filipino family myself, I was always amazed by the variety in food on our holiday tables each year. Potlucks were always a favorite and you never went to your Auntie or Uncles house and felt hungry afterwards. My parents are now back in the Homeland and Filipino cooking is in my repertoire. However, my sisters don’t cook any Filipino dishes, so they usually come over on a Saturday with the kids for some of my mom’s simple, rustic Filipino dishes – most of which I don’t know the names to. Over the years I have added my own flair to her dishes to make them my own. P.S. If you REALLY have a Diabetes free Leche Flan, please share! πŸ˜‰

    Posted by FoodieInDisguise (@DisguisedFoodie) | February 17, 2012, 11:22 pm
    • Hello FoodieInDisguise!

      Long time no chat! Hope all is well. Anyway, glad you were able to carry on the tradition and actually learn some of these recipes. I myself haven’t really had the time to soak in the time and effort in perfecting these classic masterpieces. However next holiday, I do plan on having a few sit down meetings with my mother to record and attempt these dishes myself.

      The Flan is a two decade hit, with nearly all of my relatives. Once I do get it and perfect it, then I’ll be willing to share it in the future πŸ™‚

      Posted by Foodoofus | February 18, 2012, 12:04 am
  2. I want that bowl of crab legs!

    Posted by Dru Chai | February 29, 2012, 10:49 pm

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