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Foodoofus Rating Criteria and The Legend of The Death Taco, Part 2 of 2

Apologies everyone, for the lack of updates from last week (especially with regards to part two of this review). It took a while due to some last minute projects from working with the awesome Midshutter crew on some fun Photoshoots and various other personal priorities that needed to be taking care of.

Two more side notes:
First, updates for blog postings will be posted every Friday (gonna try to make it Foodoofus Friday), starting this friday (unless any other last minute emergencies arise which you will be informed of via social media outlets).
Secondly, Foodoofus ratings won’t be applied unless there is a demand for said establishment (by the owner/staff/readers; send comments, messages or tweets), comparison of previously visited spots for future lists and lastly personal discretion.

I’m a one man army, so please bare with me in the meantime.

Now back to the review…

(A week ago…)

After turning on the ignition…84…85…86….89…90 degrees…. how hot can my car get in Southern California?

Probably enough to make a full size Denny’s Grand Slam on my dashboard. I don’t know why I insist on trying these crazy challenges (without training and/or a near empty stomach). What I’m talking about is Genkiyaki’s Death Taco, the spiciest taco offered in Southern California at the moment (at least to the best of my knowledge).

With the Midshutter crew (Mayumi and David) in tow, we head off to Lakewood. At first glance, one would think semi-dicey neighborhood. Your classic mini SoCal plazas established in the early 80s carried over to present time.

Genkiyaki Front

The Entrance

We walk in and it’s a different world: cozy and filled with bright colors of Orange and Red clashing with one another (Do I sense an unholy union of Habanero and Hot Sauce)? After seeing the signs and warning us of Death Taco consumption, it’s time to handle some business.

Finally, after three bites, the burning sensation begins to bellow cinders in the back of the throat. Unlike many other spicy foods I’ve tried in the past, I can only depict the intensity as a human blast furnace while using any type of liquid (especially Hi-C) serving as gasoline. I neglected rule number five on the board and I paid the price for a short time.

After a good pain numbing 25 minutes, this inferno was finally over and we could enjoy our palates once more. Myself, David and Krystal (another random participant whom we met the day of the challenge) survived the Death Taco.

Afterwards, I sat down with David Joo; Chef and Owner of Genkiyaki and during our interview these words and phrases resonated with me:

**”…Crazy idea.”
“I didn’t think I would make it the first year.”
“You don’t need to be formally trained to become a chef and I enjoy cooking.”**

       This drive for success.

I finally took a step back and realized my impact and contribution to the community. Many no-name restaurants/service establishments in the past have gotten the failing grade. Most were justified, while others swept under the rug. Although I aspire to become a better food/drink critic, my civic responsibility, at the very least, is to balance out my opinions and give a different (but accurate account) of the story.

I want to give you (the reader) a new spin on food blogging, the side you rarely see or understand from many of these businesses (popular or not). Like all things in life, we are an evolving work in progress. We fail, learn and grow in that order.

My belief in this philosophy is stronger than ever before.

Here’s his awaited full interview.

5526 Del Amo Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90713
#: 562-496-3274

Genkiyaki on Urbanspoon

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4 thoughts on “Foodoofus Rating Criteria and The Legend of The Death Taco, Part 2 of 2

  1. HOT damn!!! Dope blog, but fool u crazy for eatin that dam taco! I bet it burned on the way out as well lol.

    Posted by Joe Knox | July 27, 2011, 1:32 pm


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