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Foodoofus Double Issue Edition: OCFoodieFest2011 x Limited Las Vegas Getaway Part 2

“…I think I just need some time alone right now. I just wanted to let you know upfront.” *ends reading text message*

Now onto expanding on the second part of today’s theme… the significance of self-love.

There’s not a moment that goes by, stemming from whatever background of trials and tribulations, that two human beings somehow found one another, procreated and out came your descendant (until it was your birthday).

We all crave some form of love, the preferred one is intimacy. Going beyond Freudian’s Discourse of Psycho-Sexual Development, we need that connection with another human being in order to thrive and continue on living. Somehow, in the midst of our search to fill this void, we get distracted or detoured from our destination, and more often than not, actions of rejection take place…

“I think it’s better if we stay as friends.”
“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“We’re family, but we’re really not… you understand what I mean?”

When we get rejected, sometimes we need to runaway, and for some folks, a nearby hot spot provides the best opportunity to do so. After a bit of talk, fellow Blogger Dru and I decided to hightail to Vegas for a Labor Day Weekend getaway.

When we finally arrived in the 702, we explored some nifty places worth checking out: see if you can take a guess as to where each place is:

Mystery Place Number: #1

Mystery Place Number: #2

Mystery Place Number: #3

Going back to main purpose of this entry, I heard from Dru about a Hand Pulled Noodle spot, beyond the outskirts of the Vegas Strip, which led me to this place out in dusty plaza in Las Vegas entitled: Beijing Noodle Cafe.

Beijing Noodle Entrance and Dirty Smoke Dru bringing “Sexy Back.”

The interior is your simple traditional Chinese Restaurant joint, one of the staple decors has to be a Fish Tank (regardless if the fish are big or small).

Beijing Noodle Cafe Interior

The menu was placed on the table and within a matter of minutes we ordered the following:

The Menu

Appetizers, Wonton Chips and Sweet and Sour

There are two different types apparently… the knife cut version as opposed to the hand pulled one. Although they focus on spicy flavors from the Hunan Province, this is my first time trying this particular type of cuisine, therefore I wasn’t too familiar with the process as Chris pointed out during our conversation,

“Some American people, doesn’t try the traditional Chinese noodles but we are the traditional Chinese noodles… like near the Chinese tradition, the food and the culture.”- Chris (Staff and Translator of Beijing Noodle Cafe)

The beef noodle soup (hand pulled) is probably my favorite of the trio. There’s a nice chewy texture when biting into the noodle. The soup stock was rich and the vegetables were tender and soaked in a lot of the flavor.

Hand Pulled Noodles in Beef Broth (need proper Chinese name)*?

With regards to the Pork Noodles, they were also nice and tender. Compared to the Chow Fun I’ve eaten in the past (which seemed more gelatinous), I believe the strips of flour cut and molded into this flat based texture also gave it a distinguished taste.

Flat Noodles (Knife Style) and Pork, Mushrooms, Green Onions and Scallions. (need proper chinese name)?

For this particular plate, I have to apologize for the lack of content. In between taking pictures and tasting the other bowls of noodles, we were all pretty hungry. So, while I had to make a beeline back and forth to check on the availability of the bathroom (which was preoccupied every single time), I wasn’t able to get this dish as it was intended.

Given that the bowl was already near empty, after finally using the bathroom 25 minutes later. I’m guessing Dru and the rest of our crew enjoyed it just fine. Noodles are also of flat texture but with small strips of carrots and bean sprouts.

Flat Noodles w/ mushrooms (they were absent due to hunger) (need proper Chinese name)*

After our delicious meal, we paid the bill and I was able to acquire an Interview with Tuo-ya (the owner of Beijing Noodle Cafe)* She explains her love for why she wanted to start this business three months ago,

“I just uh… go to the Chinatown and look at the …almost half a year make the something family, small restaurant I like.” -Tuo-ya (Owner of Beijing Noodle Cafe)

Nearly Clean Plates

I guess as an Asian-American, there’s still a lot to discover about food especially with a familiar ethnic cuisine like Chinese noodles. Using our self-made passion drives us to become better people, while allowing us to soul-search our existence in this world, even without the acknowledgment of our peers and even a potential lover.

We need to develop this love for ourselves and communicate this openly and honestly. If we didn’t, then we would have no identity, no appreciation for the things we granted.

I learned something that day, after I left Beijing Noodle Cafe. If you love something so much, sometimes you gotta go with the flow. If it’s meant then it will happen, if not… play some Angry Birds on a Smartphone, cheers.

Lone Kid Playing Angry Birds

Beijing Noodle Cafe
4130 S Sandhill Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
#: (702)-641-0666

Beijing Noodle Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Good stuff

    Posted by DRU | September 9, 2011, 11:27 pm

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