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Foodoofus Double Issue Edition: OCFoodieFest2011 x Limited Las Vegas Getaway Part 1

“I’m in love, love to do my thing (hah) and I don’t need no one else.”- James Brown (from his song entitled Super Bad)

The Late James Brown (R.I.P.), like many other influential thinkers and artists, were onto something when they reminded us from time to time the significance of self-love and/or the ideal route of following one’s passion in life.

However there are times we go overboard, as self-absorbed narcissists through expressing ourselves via the hubs of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and etc.). The need to share what we feel is good taste, fashion sense and a touch of good swagger.

“I’m at (insert your favorite restaurant), you jelly (or mad) bro?”

“Or, *takes a picture*, Carnaroli Risotto with Shaved White Truffles from Alba. Oh you fancy, huh?”

Criticisms aside, sometimes this form of expressing “Me” time is essential. We all need a boost of self-esteem and support from those who are behind our ideologies (a FB status like, Retweets, Klout points and etc.), especially if we’re down in the dumps. Let’s start with analyzing the latter: following one’s passion.

OCFoodieFest2011 was the first time I ever became a judge for anything on this scale. It was kind of nerve racking at first, but I managed to remain calm and collected.

The Destination

Posing with the OCFoodieFest Sign

We arrived at the destination and saw a welcoming familiar face:

Senior Community Manager Hazel of YelpOC

After we said bye to Hazel, we were finally escorted to the judging area consisting of Yelpers/Bloggers for the Sweet and Savory categories, respectively. The first entry was…

Baconmania, Deep Fried Bacon Grilled Cheese and a Trio of Bacon Appetizers…

Little did I know that I would be on the verge of self-imploding due to all the gastronomical entrees we tried…

The Judging (Eating) begins…

Bacon, who doesn’t love bacon? Fat, greasy… stuffed with peanut butter, jalapeno or even mac and cheese. Don’t forget the deep fried stuff… that batter is ambrosia to the Goddess of gluttony.

Don’t forget the sweets.

Our fellow sweet judges got to try a wide variety of eye candy treats (ie: cheesecake lollipops). Tom of Tom’s Foodie Blog and I had a brief photo opp. before the onslaught of food flooded our judging table.

Foodoofus x Tom’s Foodie Blog, Pig meets Doofus

Burnt Truck OC Foodie Fest Slider

Quail Egg, deep fried patty and a nicely toasted bun… tasty. And so the vicious cycle of eating, rapid fire judging began to take its toll…

The eating…

Panfiti’s Memorable Skirt Steak Panini

and eating….

Lime Truck’s Better than Roxy’s Grilled Cheese with their Refreshing Gazpacho

Unknown asian pork belly in a bun** (Anyone care to remind me which truck/vendor cooked this up?)

… and but of course… eating…

At about the last third of food (keep in mind there were about 40 of the 70 different vendors/trucks in the competition), after 25 dishes, the last 15 or so, I honestly couldn’t properly keep track of the quality or vendors.The 100+ degree heat beading down our necks, the food furiously diminishing in its original form, given only a single bottle of water to replenish our palates…. what an afternoon to judge.

Leftover Entries… makes me wish I had multiple stomachs.

Catching my breath, appetite and thoughts, to rate the food.

We the “Savory” judges: FoodBeast, Tom’s Foodie Blog, Shelly’s Foodblog and the Foodoofus

Savory, Sweet and OCFoodie Fest Judging Staff had plenty to eat.

On a side note, shouts to the Lime Truck for quenching one’s thirst with their ice cold Blood Orange Limeaid.

Foodoofus Staff meets The Lime Truck

Looking back on the whole experience, I can only say, our appetites were beyond satiated, high expectations were somewhat diminished and the hot sun scorched our scalps asunder. This aspect doesn’t pay the bills, but I’m fortunate enough to enjoy and share my passion with all of you. Which reminds me, if you want something a bit more entertaining, I would suggest checking out this awesome highlight reel:

OC Foodie Fest: Savory Showdown from MidShutter on Vimeo.

I would like to thank the following folks for all the hard work in invested towards allowing me to cover this festival:
OCFoodieFest, Midshutter, All The Food Trucks/Vendors/Attendees/Staff/Judges, Winchris (Foodoofus Staff, Right-Hand Man; lending me the Far East Movement-esque shades) and last but not least all of our ongoing fans/followers.

Check out part 2 and Stay Tuned for next week and always remember, “Fortune Favors The Flavor.”

OC Foodie Fest 2011
Anaheim Angel’s Stadium
2000 East Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, CA 92806

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