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Foodoofus Double Issue #3: Charlie Palmer Demo and Dinner x Memorable Matiki Island Barbeque Part 2 of 2

“*Stoner #2 takes a bong hit* …I don’t know about you man but this Barbeque tastes on point though.”

That quote was one of many memorable quotes of my life. More specifically in College when I first discovered this place, (established in 1996) Matiki Island Barbeque in 2009. I’m going to break my criteria for once, because I feel this place is still underrated compared to other Hawaiian BBQ joints. Sure, call it a bias, since I’m an avid customer and there are occasions where I am selfish and keep certain gems away. I feel it’s only right to provide good business especially if they have a quality product and service.

The Sign (If you have a hard time finding it, just remember the Yellow Hummer)

The Whole Spot in One Shot (inside and out)

Their Must-Have, Go-To Specialty: Long Ribs Order #1: Falls right off the bone

Two years later, I come back and it still maintains said quality.

I can’t tell you the numerous amount of times that I’ve come here for various reasons with different groups and individuals:

  • People who have the munchies (probably the number one reason from my experience)
  • People who like food (good food especially)
  • People who like Barbeque (especially Hawaiian barbeque)
  • Friends who just went through a terrible break up (or got back together)
  • Friends leaving So Cal for new opportunities (nationally or internationally)
  • People who have meat withdrawals
  • and etc.

For whatever the reason, this place to me is: comfort, home, gluttony, hole-in-the-wall, orgasmic, coma inducing and all in one. People in the past argue this as an exaggeration, I call it a standard of excellence. Even the harshest of critics, have confronted me and said,

“Have you been to Hawaii? It’s better over there compared to here, bruddah.”

Yeah well, I don’t have that luxury at this time, so in essence, this place has set the bar for me. Mel (Chef and Owner) gave us an inside scoop regarding the recipe of these tasty ribs from which he replied,

“The recipe for the sauce (my wife’s recipe), took us around three years, and we barbequed in the Backyard… it’s the sauce” Mel: Chef and Owner of Matiki Island Barbeque

Three years of backyard experimentation, a fall out in a career for an electrical space program and a window of opportunity for his family. Mel risked it all and gained a decent amount of success and stability to this very day. Restaurants serve the purpose of creating a window of memories. Some memories you may prefer to forget faster than the flash from a Neuralyzer, while others you wish to cherish for the rest of your life, like a series of stained glass panels.

I don’t know how many more restaurants, bars and environments I must visit, until I satisfy certain aspects of my personal life. I know one thing is for sure, memories are like the seasons: People come and go, things change, but life itself will remain constant.

Matiki Island Barbeque
3070 W Lincoln Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92801
#: (714) 821-5228

Matiki Island Barbeque Catering on Urbanspoon

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One thought on “Foodoofus Double Issue #3: Charlie Palmer Demo and Dinner x Memorable Matiki Island Barbeque Part 2 of 2

  1. he changed his car from a yellow hummer to a yellow FJ cruiser. I bet he wanted something that will last longer =) Now I am craving some ribs!

    Posted by Jonathan Zabala | September 18, 2011, 11:51 pm

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