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Foodoofus Double Issue #6: My Birthday Celebration (Sushi Wasabi and Orin Swift Wine) x Genkiyaki: Zombie Taco Debut Part 2 of 2

“Monday is going to be insane… can you help me cover the debut tonight?”

And it was insane… at least the participants who decided to try the Zombie Taco for the first time. Those of you who didn’t already read one of the more popular posts, feel free to skim/read through my review on the Death Taco for more background info on this place. Anyway earlier in the week, I got a sneak peek in trying this sauce and let me tell you it was spicy. One of the key secrets to this sauce is the combination of components. If you isolate at least one aspect of this secret combination, it isn’t as bad but together as a combined product and you get sadistic inferno sauce anyone would fear

Apparently someone already braved the new taco but I needed physical confirmation. Other products that were release simultaneously are the following: Furious Ninja Dog (3 levels of spiciness similar to their signature Furious Chicken Bowl), Ninja Nachos (an alternative texture to the staple Ninja Fries accept it appeases to the Nacho lovers of SoCal) and of course the Zombie Taco (making the Death Taco, seem like a spoonful of Sugar quotes Dylan… but we’ll get to that), let’s get down to business:

The Wall of Zombie(s)? Missing an S

A Zombie Taco for one of the Staff

The Zombie Taco Drama begins to unfold…

For others who decide to partake in this challenge…

One bite is all it takes… to tap out

But unlike most people…

There are those who will always, be able to brave the hellfire and succeed

The Crowd, is waiting for something (more like someone)…

That someone is Dylan Rand

Here’s the guy…

For those probably wondering what’s the hype, Dylan currently holds Genkiyaki’s record for most Death Tacos consumed curated here on this embedded youtube link:

Dylan’s Documentation of Eating 10 Death Tacos

With that being said, he wanted to make local hometown history by attempting the new taco and starting it off with FIVE Zombie Tacos. Yes, you heard right and compared to the miniature fireballs he originally consumed, there was no Bowser complex in this task, it would be more arduous then ever before. If you don’t believe me here’s a glimpse of his challenge:

Up Close and Personal… the Five Zombie Tacos

Dylan before his Zombie Apocalypse…

How did he fare? An honest observation from the starting point of the challenge…well technically within the 10-15 minutes of consuming four of them he abruptly stopped with one left, as seen here:

Covered in sweat and suffering…The Last Zombie Taco left… or was it?

However I had to leave due to an early work schedule the next day and according to David (owner/chef of Genkiyaki; Along with a few other witnesses according to sources) who were hopeful for Dylan, he kept his word and finished the fifth one. According to the rules he cannot drink anything for fifteen minutes after consuming one Z.T. (in this case it was five), for him to be on the wall. After a little past the 15 minute mark when David announced him accomplishing the goal, Dylan unwillingly turned into a zombie (or at least became a vessel that housed an eruption waiting to happen like Mt. Eyjafjallajokull).

It’s times like these I wonder… where is the fine line between challenging the human body to its limits and rewarding itself with a sense of achievement (or some cases stupidity). With Dylan Rand at least he’s proven himself to all of us (including Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman who has yet dared to try this himself), as his mark and legacy in the community of Lakewood, as Genkiyaki’s Prince of Spicy Taco Challenges. Guess this means Infinity Chili, Naga Viper, and/or Trinidad Scorpion pepper tacos in the future, David?

P.S. I’ll be interviewing this guy real soon on a recap of how he felt during the challenge, feel free to stay tuned on Genkiyaki’s Facebook Page with the full video documentation of Dylan attempting this challenge, as well as our new revamped interview section.

5526 Del Amo Blvd
Lakewood, CA 90713
#: 562-496-3274

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One thought on “Foodoofus Double Issue #6: My Birthday Celebration (Sushi Wasabi and Orin Swift Wine) x Genkiyaki: Zombie Taco Debut Part 2 of 2

  1. Yeah that was a crazy night

    Posted by Dylan Stuart Rand | December 30, 2011, 11:53 am

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